Social Media Marketing

We make lovers out of social media haters. Sometimes it just takes a slight mindset shift to get into a new series of profit-producing actions around our businesses - and social media is one of the most powerful ways to access it. Let's get strategic about your social media marketing - even if it feels overwhelming, is something you despise, or is downright scary. Our social media development program can meet members where they are, offering wisdom and activities that they can apply in their daily routines, with built-in accountability opportunities to stay engaged.


We want to be there for you as a partner and social media consultant in your health journey, so you feel supported in your business's decision-making. Through social media coaching, our goal is to answer your questions as they naturally occur so that you gain clarity in the moment. We want to provide an inspirational social space so that you feel compelled to try new things. You'll have the opportunity to engage in live training and coaching so that you grow in both skillsets and mindsets.


Connect with Lauras Botanicals LLC Business Coach in Richmond, VA, and let us use our knowledge and expertise to guide you to significant success with social media.