Herbal Oils


Our shift in mindset and lifestyle started when we fell into plants and realized the unique energy that only herbs can provide. Part of our vision is maintaining a vigorous garden to have an endless source of inspiration and healing. We remember to intentionally include the essence and vibrational energy of the flowering plant kingdom to start forging more sustainable, daily lifestyles with everyday herbalism.

It's essential to balance yourself with natural momentum and energy. Many of our clients desire to learn how to make herbal preparations they need for themselves, their family, and their customers to be the source for others to heal. Become someone known for herbs so that others can rely on you for herbal knowledge.

We cannot learn to connect with nature; because it is within us, and we need to build experiences around this, when we share, when we gather with those we love. Here at Lauras Botanicals LLC Business Coach, we learned how to tell others that herbs and herbalism are not a cut-and-paste modality but a lifestyle approach that is sorely lacking in many clinical offices that only offer single service sessions. There is no broad discussion around the ability to make herbs work for people for long-term goals - and that's a problem. We welcome you to call us in Richmond, VA, and discover how everyday herbalism and our products can benefit you in your business and your life.