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If you've found your way to our business coaching site for health-related businesses, you might be a few of the following:

  • Trying to balance many things but also stay healthy and stay focused on serious life goals.

  • Growing tired of the pain, the lack of momentum, or consistency you know you need to thrive.

  • Getting a lot of information from multiple sources and providers but lacking a clear framework for growth.

  •  You are ready to try something new, someone new, feeling burnt out on old systems and/ routines.

  • Desiring a way to stand out, to become visible, to be seen.

At Lauras Botanicals LLC Business Coach, we struggled with this too. Starting from scratch and not trusting the vision that we had; taught to rely on others for answers, permission, and allowances. The healing models we saw in herbalism and alternative health were not fully embracing teaching ideas on self-empowerment or self-determination.

The power is already inside of us. We're here to get you on track towards the right place in brand development. Our services and programs help you to develop your personal branding for your business's ultimate success. Through our branding coaching, you'll learn how to build up yourself, your products, and clarify your vision to reach greater heights.