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Welcome to Lauras Botanicals LLC Business Coach! If you are here, that means your goal is to increase your business development. We are so glad that you are doing what you are doing in the fields of health and herbalism. So many trends have changed amongst consumers, and there are lots of built-in distractions. Navigating social media marketing for our businesses is something we need to do. Still, it does not always seem the most practical when we want to first focus on the amazing clients that we serve with the utmost passion and love.

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But what if there was a more strategic way to showing up online? What if we could love social media, and it was easier than we were making it? Is there a way to avoid posting ten or more times a day to find, attract, and book new customer leads? The truth is that many business owners continue to try to do this all on their own when they should be getting help for this vital part of their business.

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Reach greater success in your business with our coaching services.

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Don’t let social media be a bother - harness it for your business instead.


Our everyday herbalism products provide healthy, natural alternatives to many daily products.

Sometimes it just takes a slight mindset shift to get into a new series of actions around our businesses. We're here to ask you: where are you at with your business? Contact us today in Richmond, VA, and get the answers to start your business coaching journey with us.

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Client Reviews

Airick W.

If yall haven't tried some of Laura's herbal products you should. They're hand crafted and gorgeous to hold, smell and taste.
Flower Power is delicious, soothing, uplifting and slightly invigorating. The formulation is very nice. I enjoy mixing it with my aloe juice drink. The flavors pair so well together.
Thanks for making such lovely medicine!

Benjamin C.

Wonderful service, great all around!

Dawn W.

Fabulous products that work and smell great too!

Evan H.

Her custom kits are everything! Full of intention! Please check her out.

Briana C.

I bought Laura's hair and body oil and I love it. It's very aromatic and clean. The oil is an excellent moisturizer while being light and not requiring much to be effective. Laura is very knowledgeable, I'll definitely buy again!

Luke N.

The owner of Laura's Botanicals (Laura) seems to be quite conscious and knowledgable, and its always a good experience doing business with her.

Andrea B.

Laura really cares and it shows!!!!

Missy B., FDNP

Laura provides great insight to fine tuning the sales process and how to communicate your product and service to the ideal client. She does a great job breaking down market research and how to niche down so that you can set yourself apart from others in your industry.


6806 Patterson Ave, Richmond, VA 23226, USA

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